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What is the BC Racing Extreme Low kit?

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If you are looking to lower your car by more than most coilover kits will allow, the BC Racing Extreme Low kit is for you.

BC Racing offer an Extreme Low option for their coilovers kits, which allow you to lower your car further than the standard kit will allow.

Standard BC Racing coilover kits will lower your car from 1 inch at the highest setting, to 3 inches at the lowest setting on most vehicles.

The Extreme Low kit gives you approximately an extra inch of lowering over the regular kit. So if the standard kit would lower your car by 3 inches max, the Extreme Low kit will lower your car by 4 inches.

In order to do this, BC Racing uses shorter dampers and springs for these kits, usually up to 2 inches shorter. In some cases, stiffer springs are also used to account for the extra low height and reduction of available suspension travel.

This means that the maximum raised height of the Extreme Low kit is 2 inches lower than stock, so keep that in mind in the case you decide to raise your car up.

How Low Do BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers Go?

Extreme Low coilovers give you 1 inch more lowering than the standard kit, which means you get up to 4 inches of lowering on most cars with the Extreme Low kit.

BC Racing Coilovers Extreme Low VS Regular

The difference between the regular BC Racing coilovers and the Extreme Low is that the regular coilovers will lower your car from 1-3 inches on most models, and the Extreme Low kit will lower 2-4 inches on most models.

Why Do Some Cars Not Have the Extreme Low option?

Some car models are “Extreme Low by default”, which basically means that the regular kit goes as low as is possible on the car, so there is no need for an Extreme Low kit.

This is often the case with cars that are lower from factory, such as the GT86/FRS/BRZ.

Looking to Buy the BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers?

You can get them here for the best price I have found them so far:


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