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APEXi N1 ExV Coilover Kits

A’PEXi was founded in 1992 in Japan and has been making high quality performance parts every since. Their N1 ExV line of coilovers are no exception.

Described by one forum user as feeling like “driving on clouds”, they offer amazing comfort combined with exceptional handling, practically unmatched at their price point.

They come packed full of features including 32-way dampening adjustability, camber adjustable strut mounts and more.

Not only that, but they are specially valved based on A’PEXi’s own R&D and also have special oil spec’d by A’PEXi for a smoother ride and better performance.

If your looking for a coilover than can handle both street and track, these offer not only fantastic value for money but great performance as well.

APEXi N1 ExV Coilover Specs

A'PEXi N1 ExV Coilovers


The A’PEXi N1 ExV coilovers come packed with features including:

  • 32-level dampening adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment by the stock body – giving you full suspension travel at all ride height settings
  • Monotube dampers
  • Solid camber adjustable pillow-ball strut mounts, or rubber bushing mounts depending on the application
  • Rebuildable

Perfect for street cars that will see regular track days.

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