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BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

The BC Racing BR Series coilovers are one of the most popular coilover kits on the planet.

These coilovers are an extremely capable all round setup that has proven time and time again to be able to handle almost anything thrown at it.

Designed primarily as street coilover, they offer an extremely comfortable ride for street use and the dampers give you 30-levels of adjustment which adjusts both compression and rebound simultaneously.

This allows you to quickly adjust the ride settings from soft to stiff and and set it to perfectly match your preferences.

The dampers themselves are monotube and are linearly valved to provide extra comfort on the road.

The ride height adjustment on these is done by the shock body, which allows you to retain full suspension travel at all heights, allows you to set the spring pre-load and corner balance the car, and also means the dampers will live longer.

On most applications, the standard kit will lower the car 1-3 inches, and BC Racing do offer an Extreme Low option which will lower the car from 2-4 inches lower than factory.

These coilovers are also highly customizable, with BC Racing giving you the option to choose custom spring rates and valving, as well as upgrade to Swift Springs if you want extra comfort and performance.

They also come with aluminium top mounts which are camber adjustable, and even have camber adjustable rears on applicable models.

They are also fully rebuildable, and BC Racing will either do the rebuild or sell you the parts you need to do it. They also come with a 1 year warranty.

What makes these coilovers so popular is that they perform so well on both the street and track for a very low price.

There are not many other coilover kits on the market today that are made for so many different cars, ride so well, offer the customization that these do and still cost barely over $1000.

As far as value for money goes, the BC Racing BR Series are one of the best kits you can buy.

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BC Racing BR Series Features

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers
  • Ride height adjustment by the shock body – 1-3 inches on the standard kit, 2-4 inches on the Extreme Low kit (some car models may vary)
  • 30-level adjustable dampening (compression/rebound simultaneous)
  • Monotube dampers with linear valving designed for street comfort while being able to perform on the track
  • Aluminium top mounts, front camber adjustable standard on applicable models, rear camber adjustable available on some models
  • Custom spring rates and damper valving available
  • Swift Spring upgrade available
  • Fully rebuildable – rebuild kits available for purchase
  • 1 year warranty

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