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Fortune Auto Coilover Kits

If you are looking for a high quality, hand crafted, top of the line coilover kit, Fortune Auto has you covered.

Fortune Auto coilovers are developed after hundreds of hours of testing on the track, ensuring that they do the job they are made to do and do so better than anyone else.

Every kit is hand assembled at their Virginia, USA facility, and every single damper is tested on a shock dyno and matched in pairs to ensure your dampers are within 3% tolerance of each other. Fortune Auto coilovers are possibly the highest quality suspension you are going to find.

And if that wasn’t enough, their coilovers are modular, meaning upgradeable. So once you are ready to step your game up, you don’t need to buy a whole new set, you can just sent them in to Fortune Auto to be upgraded.

They also come with a 5 year warranty which is one of the longest in the industry, which says a lot about how confident Fortune Auto are about their products.

Fortune Auto is the official supplier of a number of motorsport classes including Global Time Attack, Formula Drift, NASA Racing Series, Redline Time Attack, World Challenge and more, proving that their coilovers will stand up to the test of track driving.

Check out the range of Fortune Auto coilovers below:

Fortune Auto Coilover Options

Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers

500 Series

The 500 Series coilovers are Fortune Auto’s “entry level” coilover, designed primarily for street use with the occasional track day. 

Built to a super high standard, they are modular and upgradable to 510 Series spec or Pro-2Way spec.

They come packed with features including:

  • Ride height adjustment from 1-3″ lower than factory (Super Low 2.5 – 5″ model available)
  • Ride height adjustment done by shock body, giving you full suspension travel at all ride heights
  • 24-way dampening adjustment (rebound)
  • High flow digressive piston design
  •  Monotube damper with high pressure nitrogen
  • Modular – upgradable to 2-way dampening adjustment with external reservoir
  • T6 6061 aluminium camber adjustable, pillow-ball strut mounts on applicable models
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Each damper is dyno tested and matched in pairs
  • Hand assembled in USA
  • 5 year warranty
  • Swift Spring upgrade available

The 500 Series are perfect for daily drivers and street cars that see occasional track days.

Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers

510 Series

Recognisable by their distinct blue hardware, the 510 Series coilovers are the next step up and offer everything the 500’s offer plus a few extra features including:

  • 24-way simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment
  • Concave high flow digressive piston
  • AMSOIL synthetic damper oil
  • Monotube dampers with high pressure nitrogen
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Upgradable to 2-Way dampening adjustability with external reservoir
  • Optional Hyperco hydraulic spring perches
  • Swift Spring upgrade available
  • Aluminium damper body upgrade available

The 510 Series are perfect for both street and track use.

Fortune Auto Pro 2-way Coilovers

PRO 2-Way

Taking things a step further, the PRO 2Way’s are for people who want to be able to dial in their suspension exactly as they need it. Offering 2-way dampening adjustability, they allow you to set up your suspension for maximum performance and comfort.

The PRO 2-Way’s are designed as both a road and track coilover, and feature:

  • 24-way independent compression and rebound adjustment
  • External reservoir
  • Concave high flow digressive piston
  • AMSOIL synthetic damper oil
  • Monotube dampers with high pressure nitrogen
  • Radial bearing mounts on MacPherson strut models
  • American made premium chrome silicon springs (Swift Spring upgrade available)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Optional Hyperco hydraulic spring perches
  • Aluminium damper body upgrade available
  • PRO Caster + Camber strut mount upgrade available

If you want a serious coilover for both road and track with the option to adjust both rebound and compression, these are for you.

Where Are Fortune Auto Coilovers Made?

Fortune Auto coilovers are hand assembled in Virginia, USA by Fortune Auto using parts manufactured from around the world.

How Low Can You Go On Fortune Auto Coilovers?

Fortune Auto coilovers allow you to lower your car from 1-3 inches from factory height. If you get the Super Low option, they allow you to lower your car from 2.5-5 inches lower than factory.

Do Fortune Auto Coilovers Come Preloaded?

No, Fortune Auto coilovers DO NOT come preloaded from the factory, however, they do come with instructions on how to preload them. Fortune Auto say this is to minimize any chance of damage during transit.

How Long Do Fortune Auto Coilovers Take?

Fortune Auto coilovers take 3-6 weeks to get made and assembled from the date of ordering them. Each kit is hand made and shock dyno tested to ensure the absolute highest quality.

When Was Fortune Auto Founded?

Fortune Auto was founded in 2011 in Powhatan, Virginia USA.

How To Adjust Fortune Auto Coilovers?

To adjust ride height on Fortune Auto coilovers, you need to loosen the lower locking collar, wind the shock body up or down, and then tighten the locking collar. To adjust dampening, you need to turn the knob at the top of the shock shaft to either soften or stiffen the dampening.

How to Set Preload on Fortune Auto Coilovers?

All Fortune Auto coilovers come with preloading instructions. Typically, to set preload, you need to wind the spring perch up against the spring to the manufacturer’s specification, then tighten the locking collar to ensure the spring perch stays in place. 

Who Makes Fortune Auto Coilovers?

All Fortune Auto coilovers are hand assembled and tested by Fortune Auto at their facility in Virginia, USA.

Not Sure Which Coilovers Are Best For Your Car?

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