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TEIN Coilover Kits

TEIN are a well known and very reputable brand when it comes to coilover kits. Based in Japan and having been established in 1985, they have been in the game a long time.

TEIN are known for putting a lot of R&D into their coilovers, even the more budget models, which makes them extremely good value for money. Not only that, they design and build their coilovers based on where that coilover is going to be sold to – to be the best possible for the requirements of the vehicle in that location.

They have over 1 million applications for their suspension, offering kits for almost every car on the market and have options ranging from around $500 to $5000. So no matter what your budget, TEIN will have a coilover kit for you.

TEIN Coilover Options

TEIN Steet Basis Z Coilover Kit

The TEIN Street Basis Z is the budget coilover of the line up, but that doesn’t mean it’s no good.

TEIN has specifically designed these coilovers to be the absolute best bang for buck in the $500 range, giving you quality coilovers at a low price.

TEIN Street Advance Z Coilover Kit

The TEIN Street Advance Z coilovers are a step up from the Street Basis Z’s and introduce 16-level adjustable dampening.

Perfect for budget street builds where you want the ability to fine tune ride comfort.

TEIN Flex Z Coilover Kit

The TEIN Flex Z coilovers are a whole other level up and give you the ability to set spring pre-load, adjust the ride height from the shock body, come with strut mounts and more.

Perfect for street cars that will do some performance driving and track days.

TEIN Mono Sport

Mono Sport

The TEIN Mono Sport coilovers are designed for performance. Tuned for responsive handling and maximum driver feel, these are the perfect coilovers if you intend to use your street car on the track regularly.

TEIN Mono Racing

Mono Racing

Looking for performance above all else? The TEIN Mono Racing coilovers will give you everything you need for the perfect setup. 

From camber and caster adjustment to custom spring rates and valving, and even custom stroke length, these coilovers are designed to give you uncompromised performance at the track.

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Is TEIN From Japan?

Yes, TEIN is based in Yohohama, Japan, and all TEIN coilovers are designed and developed in Japan. Their coilover models from the Flex Z up are also manufactured and assembled in their Japanese plant, which makes them true JDM coilovers.

Does TEIN Make Good Coilovers?

The short answer is yes, TEIN make really good coilovers.

We covered this in detail in our blog post Are TEIN Coilovers Any Good?, so if you want to know the full answer, check that post out.

Basically, TEIN put a lot of R&D and engineering into all their coilovers, even the cheaper models, and give you features and quality that are basically unmatched at their price point.

While their cheaper coilovers, the Street Basis Z and Street Advance Z, are made in China, they were designed in Japan and still have to pass strict quality controls as they are manufactured by TEIN in China, not a third party facility.

How Long Do TEIN Coilovers Last?

According to TEIN’s website:

“The recommended Overhaul Service Interval for TEIN Dampers is 3 Years/ 36,000 miles (58,000 kms) if the damper is used only for daily driving/paved road use.”

Some people have reported that their TEIN coilovers have lasted as long as 120,000 kms (80,000 miles). So I think it’s fair to say that TEIN coilovers last a fairly long time, you won’t have to worry about them blowing quickly if you bought them new.

A lot of it will depend on how often you drive the car, on what kind of roads, in what conditions and whether you track the car or not. The harder you are on them, the shorter they are likely to last, but that’s the same with any suspension. There’s no reason or evidence to say the TEINs will last less than any other coilover kit.

How Can You Tell If TEIN Coilovers Are Fake?

There are a number of fake TEIN products in the market and TEIN has actually released documentation which shows you the differences between genuine TEIN products and fake ones. The images below are from TEIN’s website and will help you spot fake TEIN suspension:

How to Spot Fake TEIN Coilovers

Fake TEIN coilovers also don’t have proper corrosion protection and tend to rust, especially on the threads:

How to spot fake TEIN coilovers

Can TEIN Coilovers Be Rebuilt?

It depends on the model. TEIN builds their street coilovers with sealed shocks in an effort to keep the price low. However, TEIN do sell replacement shocks for all their coilovers, so if you need to replace a shock you can just buy a replacement and swap it in.

This is actually quicker than getting the shocks rebuilt, and won’t put your car out of action for days while you wait for the coilovers to be returned.

Models designed for track use, such as the Mono Sport, can be rebuilt

Not Sure Which TEIN Coilovers Are Best For Your Car?

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