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Affiliate Disclaimer

This website contains links to products where if a purchase is made, I get paid a small commission. This helps to keep this site going and allows me to keep producing content.

However, just because I link to products and get paid does not mean I will promote anything and everything.

If you go through the blog you will see reviews of products that I openly would not recommend purchasing, based on my research.

For every product review, I do extensive research to find unbiased information on whether the products are worth purchasing, or base it off my own experience with the product combined with the research. 

If I find that a product is not good quality and likely to be a bad purchase for my readers, I will openly say so (and I have).

My priority with this blog is to provide accurate information that car enthusiasts can trust and use to base their purchase decisions on. I will not shill rubbish of any kind, regardless if I get paid or not.

If you need help selecting a product with your car, I will do my best to give you advice based on my knowledge and experience. Feel free to email me on and I will personally answer your email.