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What Are BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers?

BC Racing Extreme Low coilovers are BC Racing coilovers but with shorter shock bodies, allowing you to lower your car much more than you would be able to with the standard kit.

How Low Do BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers Go?

BC Racing Extreme Low coilovers typically lower your car 2 inches lower than factory at the highest setting, and up to 4 inches lower at the lowest setting.

However, the is dependent on the car model they are for, as some have a smaller adjustment range and some have a larger range of adjustment.

BC Racing Extreme Low Vs Regular Coilovers

The main difference between the Extreme Low kit and regular BC Racing coilovers is the height adjustment range.

Standard BC Racing coilovers allow you to lower your car 1-3 inches lower than factory.

Extreme Low kits typically go 2-4 inches lower than factory, depending on the car model.

Important Note About Extreme Low Coilovers

Due to the nature of their design which allows you to go so low, you will not be able to raise your car to anywhere near factory height.

Typically, the highest you can go with Extreme Low kits is 2 inches lower than factory.

So if you are buying this kit, be prepared to commit to a lowered car.

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