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About the BC Racing ER Series Coilovers

The ER Series are BC Racing’s 2-way dampening adjustable coilover featuring linear twin piston valving.

If you need more control over your damper settings, these coilovers give you 30-clicks of adjustment of the compression and rebound independently.

They also feature external reservoirs, which allow for the separate adjustment, as well as increasing the oil capacity of the dampers which reduces peak oil temperatures and ensures more stable performance during hard driving and extreme condition.

The ride height adjustment on these, like all BC Racing coilovers, is done by the shock body, allowing you to retain full suspension travel at all heights.

All ER Series coilovers come with either camber adjustable Pillowball top mounts, or in cases where camber adjustment is not applicable, regular Pillowball top mounts.

Custom springs rates and valving is also available as well as Swift Spring upgrades.

These coilovers are perfect if you intend to spend a decent amount of time at the track and you need more control over your damper settings.

BC Racing ER Series Coilover Suspension Features

  • Monotube dampers with linear twin piston valving
  • 2-way 30 clicks independent compression and rebound damping adjustment
  • External damper reservoirs
  • Height adjustment by shock body
  • Front & rear camber plates standard on applicable models
  • Front & rear Pillowball mounts standard on vehicles when camber plates do not apply
  • Custom spring rates and matching valving available
  • Swift Spring upgrade available
  • Fully rebuildable with replacement parts
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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