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About BC Racing

BC Racing are one of the most popular coilover brands on the market today – and for good reason.

They offer extremely good value for money coilovers which punch well above their price bracket and compete with much more expensive kits in terms of both quality and performance.

BC Racing offer a wide range of coilover options for practically every car on the road, and their kits are highly customizable, allowing you to get the perfect setup no matter what your requirements are.

From street kits to full race spec kits, BC Racing will have something to suit your needs.

BC Racing Coilover Suspension Features

All BC Racing coilovers come with a long list of features including:

  • Dampening adjustment (ranging from 1-way to 3-way depending on the kit)
  • Ride height adjustment by the shock body
  • Customizable spring rates and dampening
  • Swift Spring upgrades
  • Camber adjustable top mounts on applicable models
  • And lots more

BC Racing Coilover Kit Options

BC Racing offer a wide range of coilover options including:

Are BC Racing Coilovers Good?

The question of whether BC Racing coilovers are actually good often comes up.

The short answer is “yes they are”.

BC Racing coilovers are good coilovers and have proven themselves time and time again on both the road and the track.

For more details, check out our BC Racing coilovers review here.

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