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About the BC Racing RM Series Coilover Kit

The BC Racing RM Series coilovers are very similar to the very popular BR Series coilovers with one major difference: they feature inverted dampers for cars that use MacPherson strut suspension.

Inverted dampers provide several benefits for high performance driving, including:

  • The weight of the damper tube and oil are attached to the chassis rather than the hubs, reducing the unsprung weight of the car
  • A much larger inverted piston shaft that can handle higher lateral loads for longer periods of time without fatigue
  • The larger diameter hollow tube of the damper is substantially stiffer than a thin diameter steel rod on conventional dampers, meaning a significant increase in lateral stiffness and a lot less deflection and bending during hard cornering
  • The damper seals are located in the lower case, making them more protected from the elements and requiring less servicing as a result
  • The damper fluid is moved away from major heat sources such as brakes, allowing the fluid to last much longer and reducing damper fatigue during extreme conditions

These coilovers are specifically designed as an entry level linear damping coilover for track use, hill climbs or tarmac rallies. They also feature stiffer spring rates than most BR Series models.

The RM Series are only available for MacPherson strut vehicles, as the design of a double A-arm suspension makes the inverted damper unnecessary.

In cases where the vehicle only uses MacPherson struts on the front (most cases), standard BR Series rear coilovers will be supplied.

BC Racing BR VS RM Series Coilovers – What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between the BR Series and the RM Series coilover kits is the inverted dampers on the RM Series (on MacPherson strut applications).

This makes the RM Series coilovers suitable for track and motorsport use as the dampers are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

RM Series also have stiffer spring rates to accommodate high performance driving.

If you are looking for a street kit, go with the BR Series.

If you are looking for an entry level track/motorsport kit, go with the RM Series.

BC Racing RM Series Coilover Suspension Features

BC Racing RM Series coilovers come with a long list of features including:

  • Height adjustment (1-3 inches lower on most models) by the shock body allowing you to retain full suspension travel at all ride heights
  • Inverted mono-tube dampers
  • Linear piston and damping curve
  • 30-clicks of dampening adjustment (simultaneous compression/rebound)
  • Front camber plates standard on applicable kits
  • Rear camber plates available as an optional extra for applicable kits
  • Custom spring rates and valving available
  • Swift Spring upgrade available
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Fully rebuildable with replacement parts

Are BC Racing RM Series Coilovers Good?

The short answer is yes!

BC Racing RM Series coilovers are a great option as an entry level motorsport kit, being designed for track days, hill climbs and tarmac rallies.

For more details, read our full BC Racing coilover review here.

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