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About the BC Racing DS Series Coilover Kit

The DS Series coilover kit by BC Racing are essentially an “entry level” track kit, with the most notable feature being the digressive valved dampers.

Digressive valving is often used for track suspension as it gives you more feel over the car at low piston speeds (small bumps), while retaining stability at high piston speeds (big bumps). This makes them good for track driving.

Aside from that they come with all the usual features of the BR Series coilovers.

The DS Series coilovers are great low cost option for occasional track days and autocross events while still being street usable.

BC Racing BR VS DS Series Coilovers – What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between the BR Series and the DS Series is the digressive valving in the dampers.

The BR Series are primarily a round coilover and feature linear damping for a more comfortable ride.

The DS Series are designed more for performance and feature digressive valving for more driver feel, at the cost of a little bit of comfort.

BC Racing DS Series Coilover Suspension Features

BC Racing DS Series coilovers come with a long list of features including:

  • Digressive valving, monotube dampers
  • 1-way 30-level dampening adjustment (compression & rebound simultaneous)
  • Ride height adjustment by the shock body (1-3 inches on most models, 2-4 inches on Extreme Low kits)
  • Satin Chrome Finished Shock Body
  • Customizable spring rates and damping to match
  • Swift Spring upgrades
  • Camber adjustable top mounts on applicable models
  • Fully rebuildable
  • 2 years warranty

Are BC Racing DS Series Coilovers Good?

The short answer is yes!

BC Racing DS Series coilovers are a great option as a “budget” track kit, making them perfect for track days and autocross events,

For more details, read our full BC Racing review here.

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