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RideTech Coilovers Review – How Good Are They Really?

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If you are looking to upgrade the suspension on your muscle car, truck or hot rod, you’ve no doubt heard the name Ridetech.

Ridetech offer a selection of coilovers for a very wide range American vehicles and have become a very popular option among hot rodders and car customizers.

But how good is their suspension?

Let’s find out.

Who Are Ridetech?

Ridetech was started in 1996 and was originally known as Air Bag Technologies. They were the first to make a complete air bag suspension system that removed the springs entirely and relied on the air bag to support the vehicle. Before that, air bags were used alongside springs to help control preload or large changes in weight of the vehicle.

Ever since, they have been heavily involved in the hot-rodding industry and expanded into making an extremely wide range of suspension components for all types of American cars from hot rods and trucks to modern day muscle cars.

In 2008, they changed their name to Ridetech, as they were branching off into other forms of suspension alongside airbags.

Ridetech is based in Jasper, Indiana, they have a state-of-the-art facility where they design, test, and manufacture their suspension products.

Their range of products includes air bag systems, coilovers including complete suspension conversion systems for older cars, street grip suspension and more.

No matter what you are looking to do with your car, Ridetech probably has a set up to achieve it, whether its street comfort and cruising and handling performance for autocross and the track.

About Ridetech Coilovers

Ridetech offer a very wide range of coilovers ranging from application specific kits to universal coilovers for custom installations, and complete coilover conversion systems which include the entire setup including control arms and hubs (mostly for older vehicles with outdated suspension designs).

Ridetech coilovers all use monotube dampers because Ridetech believe that monotube dampers are far superior to twin tube due to their larger piston and the less complex fluid path which allows the oil to remain at a lower temperature – resulting in better damping performance.

They have two main coilover options, the HQ and the TQ.

Ridetech HQ Coilovers

Ridetech HQ Series

HQ stands for “Handling Quality”, and these coilovers are designed to give you significant handling improvement while also giving you a high level of ride comfort and reliability for street use.

These are 1 way dampening adjustable, giving you 24 levels of rebound dampening adjustment which allow you to adjust the ride of the coilovers from softer to stiffer to accommodate your needs.

The shock bodies are made from impact forged aluminium which provides the best combination of strength and low weight and are anodized for high corrosion resistance.

These are available as both universal kits which can be ordered in different lengths, stoke specs etc to suit your needs, or as a bolt on application for a wide range of vehicle models.


Ridetech TQ Coilovers

Ridetech TQ Series

TQ stands for “Track Quality”, with these coilovers being designed for heavy track use and competition ready handling, while still giving you exceptional ride quality and reliability.

These coilovers feature 3 way dampening adjustment, allowing you to fine tune the rebound, low speed and high speed compression to your exact requirements. They also come with external damper reservoirs with braided lines and double swivel ends.

These are also monotube and feature the same impact forged anodized aluminium bodies as the HQ coilovers.

The TQ coilovers are available as universal coilovers with a number of different mounting configurations and lengths, as well as bolt-on kits for a wide range of vehicle models.


Are Ridetech Coilovers Good?

Ridetech have been in the game for several decades now and have established a very good reputation for both their company and their products.

Build Quality

Their coilovers are very high quality and considered by many to be one of the best suspension options when it comes to American cars, hot rods and trucks.

Not only that, but Ridetech back up all their shocks with a 1,000,001 mile warranty, which covers free repair of your Ridetech shocks if they fail due to a manufacturing defect. I think that’s a pretty good deal!

Ride Comfort

While ride comfort is going to be very subjective and will depend a lot upon the person riding in the car, Ridetech do their best to make it objective as possible.

By using an evaluation method developed by NASA which measures the frequency of movement that astronauts in space shuttles experience, they are able to measure movement in the vehicle to determine how comfortable the ride is going to be. The less movement – the more comfortable.

They then design their suspension to be as comfortable as possible while still offering excellent handling, and they do this by using a lower spring rate combined with better dampening, which results in both a better ride and better handling.

Given the popularity of their suspension, I think it’s fair to say that they do a good job producing coilovers that give you a comfortable ride on the road.

Handling Performance

Ridetech’s coilovers are specifically designed with handling performance being one of the top priorities, and they do a great job at significantly improving the handling over stock suspension.

Especially when it comes to older cars, the suspension design was not only the most sporty to begin with, but is by now often quite outdated.

Ridetech’s focus is on performance and they design their suspension to not only stiffening up the car but creating a good balance so that you get maximum tyre grip and responsiveness.

Their coilovers can also be customized to suit your application and offer a high degree of adjustability, especially in the case of the TQ kit, so that you can get the perfect setup that will give you the handling characteristics you are looking for.

To read a really good comparison of Ridetech coilovers, check out this article here.

So, Should You Buy Ridetech Coilovers?

The short answer is yes. Ridetech have been in the game a long time and know what they are doing when it comes to suspension.

Since specializing in air bags at the beginning, they have branched out to practically all types of suspension for a wide variety of American cars. They focus on building quality products that perform well and ride comfortably.

If you are looking for a suspension kit for your car, Ridetech is a safe bet and is backed by an amazing warranty so you know you are getting a quality product.


FAQ About Ridetech

Is Ridetech made in USA?

Yes, Ridetech are based in Jasper, Indiana USA where they design, develop, manufacture and test all their suspension products.

Who owns Ridetech?

Ridetech was originally founded by Bret Voelkel and has since been sold to Fox Factory, Inc.

Are Ridetech coilovers adjustable?

Yes, Ridetech coilovers are both height and dampening adjustable. Dampening adjustment is either 1-way or 3-way, dampening on the model of the dampers.

How do I adjust my Ridetech coilovers?

Ridetech coilovers can be adjusted by both height and dampening. To adjust ride height on Ridetech coilovers, wind the spring perch up or down. To adjust dampening, turn the dampening adjustment knobs to go from soft to stiff or vice versa.

Who makes Ridetech shocks?

Ridetech make all their shocks using Fox Factory racing components.


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