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Mateja Matic

Mateja Matic

Having been in the car tuning game for 15 years, I'm now using all the knowledge I acquired to help other people learn and select the right parts for their cars through this blog. Cars owned: Mk2 Golf with 1.8T swap, BMW E28 with M30B35 swap, BMW E36 328I Mtech, BMW 750IL, Nissan 300ZX, Honda Civic EF

8+ Best Nissan 350Z Coilover Guide In 2024

Best Coilovers for Nissan 350z

The Nissan 350z one of the most famous Japanese tuner cars ever, widely popular for it’s 3.5L 300hp engine from stock, huge amount of aftermarket parts, relatively cheap price and great performance. It’s also one of my personal all-time favourite…

What Are Coilovers? The Ultimate Guide

What are coilovers thumbnail

If you have been considering upgrading the suspension on your car, you’ve no doubt heard the term “coilovers”. Coilovers are one of the most popular modifications done to cars, both for aesthetic and performance reasons. But what exactly are they,…

Forgestar Wheels Review: How Good Are They Really?

Forgestar Wheels Review Thumbnail

If you are looking for good value for money lightweight wheels, you’ve probably heard about Forgestar. From Nissan GTR to Porsche owners, Forgestar has got everyone’s attention for producing some very affordable lightweight wheels as well as making some very…

Weds Wheels Review: Are They Really That Good?

Weds Wheels Review Thumbnail

If you are looking for lightweight performance wheels, perhaps you’ve come across the name Weds or WedsSports. Weds are one of the oldest wheel manufacturers around, but despite this they are not that big in America. Why is this, and…

Titan 7 Wheels Review: Are They Any Good?

Titan 7 Wheels Review Thumbnail

If you are looking for forged wheels you’ve probably come across Titan7. Titan7 have been getting attention by selling forged wheels for significantly lower prices than any other wheel company. But how are they able to make forged wheels so…

6+ Best 5×100 Deep Dish Wheels In 2024

Best 5x100 Deep Dish Wheels Thumbnail

Are you looking to upgrade the wheels on your 5×100 car? A number of popular cars have the 5×100 bolt pattern including VWs and Audis, the Toyota 86, Subarus and more. Despite this, 5×100 wheels are not as common as…

ESR Wheels Review: Are They Any Good?

ESR Wheels Review Thumbnail

ESR wheels used to get a lot of hate and became synonymous with “fake” wheels. They were considered cheap and rubbish, and if you ran them on your car you were thought to be putting children’s lives at risk, because…

8+ Best 5×114.3 Deep Dish Wheels In 2024

The best 5x114.3 deep dish wheels thumbnail

5×114.3 is an incredibly popular wheel bolt pattern. In fact, it’s the most common bolt pattern in the world, with the majority of 5 stud Japanese cars using it and even some Ferrari’s! What’s good about this is that there…

The 10 Best 15×7 Wheels in 2024

Best 15x7 Wheels Thumbnail

15×7 is an incredibly popular wheel size for many cars. Found on a wide range of 80s and 90s cars including Honda Civics, Mazda Miatas, BMW E30s, Volkswagen Golfs and more, as well as many muscle cars, the 15×7 wheel…

12+ Best Car Wheel Brands of 2024

Best Wheel Brands Thumbnail

When it comes to cars, wheels are easily the most popular modification. Even people who are not necessarily into the modified car scene will upgrade the wheels on their car, because they understand what an effect it can have. There…

Top 5 Best 2015 Subaru WRX Coilovers

Best 2015 WRX coilovers thumbnail

The 2015 Subaru WRX is a very popular car among car enthusiasts. With its 2 liter turbo boxer engine (or 2.5 liter in the case of the STI), 6 speed transmission and AWD drivetrain, these cars are a fantastic platform…

Top 6 Best Coilover Brands for BMW

Best BMW Coilovers thumbnail

BMWs are excellent performance cars, and if you are looking to get the most out of your BMW, installing a set of coilovers is one of the best upgrades you can do. No matter whether you drive an E30, E36,…