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Savini Wheels Review: Are They Actually Good Quality?

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If you are looking for baller wheels to make your car really stand out, you’ve probably come across Savini.

Savini specialize in making extremely flashy wheels with intricate designs in all kinds of finishes.

But the question is, are they actually any good?

In this post, I will go over Savini and how good their wheels actually are.

The History of Savini Wheels

Savini wheels are based in Anaheim, California and have been around since 2003.

They specialize in making flashy, eye-catching wheel designs primarily aimed at high end luxury cars, SUVs and classics.

Currently they have a full inhouse team with 6 CNC machines where they say they produce their wheels. They also have distribution in over 30 countries worldwide, as they have grown more popular.

Savini’s main focus is on making good looking wheels in big sizes and wide configurations, which can be seen on everything from Donks at a DUB show to widebody GTRs. However, you probably won’t see them at the track, since they aren’t exactly considered performance wheels.

How Savini Wheels Are Made

Savini offer an extensive range of wheels which includes cast, flow formed and forged wheels. Unfortunately, they don’t reveal the exact processes they use, where their wheels are made or even what metals they use in most cases.


Savini’s cheaper wheels are made using casting. Casting is the quickest and cheapest form of wheel production, but it also results in the weakest and heaviest wheels.

Unfortunately, Savini does not specify whether they use gravity casting or low pressure casting to make their wheels.

Flow Formed

Savini offer flow formed wheels. Flow forming is where the center of the wheel is cast, and then it is put on a mandrel and spun at high speed while heat is applied and rollers put pressure on the metal to form the barrel.

This results in a significantly lighter and stronger wheel than a cast wheel, and Savini claims their flow formed wheels are their lightest and strongest wheels.


Forged wheels are typically considered the pinnacle of wheels due to being the strongest and lightest. Forged wheels can come in either monoblocks or multi-piece configurations.

What American wheel companies typically do is source forging blanks from a 3rd party and then cut the designs into those wheels in-house. Since Savini claims to have CNC machines but no forging presses, I think it’s safe to say they do the same.

There is nothing wrong with doing it this way as long as the forging blanks they source are of good quality.

Where Are Savini Wheels Made?

Savini doesn’t not reveal exactly where their wheels are made. They do have a facility in California which is probably where they CNC mill out the forged wheels and assemble them, but they don’t say where the cast and flow formed wheels are made, which is likely overseas.

Safety Certifications

Savini say on their website that they have TUV Austria certification and that every of their wheels meets this standard.

This is an incredibly hard certification to get, but it doesn’t guarantee that every single wheel model is also TUV certified.

In order for the wheels themselves to be TUV certified, every size and variation must be tested and approved for every specific car model. As you can probably imagine, this can get extremely expensive and time consuming, especially if you have a wide range of wheels like Savini.

Double check to make sure the actual wheels you are buying are really TUV certified if you need the certification for your car.

Savini Wheel Options

Savini make a wide selection of wheels in a number of wheel lines which range from cast to multi-piece forged models.


A collaboration with Nick Cannon and his Ncredible brand. Forged multi-piece wheels available in 20-26” diameters and 8-15” widths.

Savini Ncredible Wheels


A series of custom made forged wheels available in 7 different configurations from monoblocks to various multi-piece options. Available in sizes from 19-32” diameter and 8-15” widths.

Savini Forged Wheels

SX Collection

Forged duoblock multi-piece wheels designed specifically for European and luxury vehicles. Available in 20-26” diameters and 8-15” widths.

Savini SX Wheels

Black di Forza

Monoblock cast aluminium wheels designed with a more performance inspired look. Available in 19-22” diameters and widths from 8.5-10.5”.

Savini Black di Forza Wheels

Black di Forza Forged

A limited edition multi-piece forged run of the Black di Forza wheels. Each design only has 25 sets available and each comes with a certificate of authenticity and matching engraved serial numbers for exclusivity. Available in 20”-23” diameters and 8”-15” widths.

Savini Black di Forza Forged Wheels

Luxury Series

Designed for ultra-high end vehicles such as Rolls Royce, these are a forged multi-piece wheel available in 20-26” diameters and 8-15” diameters.

Savini Luxury Wheels

SV-F Flow Form

Designed to be Savini’s lightest and strongest wheels yet, these are made using flow forming technology and are available in a range of sizes from 19”-22” diameters and 8.5”-12” widths.

Savini SV-F Flow Formed Wheels

SV-F Forged

Forged versions of the SV-F designs.

Savini SV-F Forged Wheels


Forged multi-piece wheels designed to be art. These feature intricate designs and flashy finishes to really stand out. Available from 20”-32” diameters and 8”-15” widths.

Savini Diamond Wheels

Problems With Savini Wheels

Unfortunately, there are quite a number of reported problems with Savini wheels.

If you do a quick search online, you will find numerous reports of issues with their wheels including cracking on the spokes (the worst kind of wheel failure), vibration issues, very poor quality finishes and more.

Their Google Business Profile has several bad reviews, from as recent as a year ago, complaining about cracking spokes and other wheel issues.

Unfortunately, in practically all of these cases, Savini did not seem to be doing a good job at rectifying the issue, from sending wrong parts to denying their responsibility in the matter or just ignoring the customer.

This is sad to see considering that their cheapest set of wheels will cost you around $2000, and some will go as high as $7000 or more.

When spending that kind of money, you would not only expect a premium product, but excellent customer service.

Now, there also seem to be many people who are very happy with their Savini wheels. But the fact that serious issues have been reported numerous times, and not one case seemed to have had a good resolution from Savini, means that the possibility of having problems is worth noting at the very least.

If you are interested to see what I am talking about, just go to Google and look for “Savini wheel review”.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Savini Wheels?

I think it’s a gamble. I find it disappointing that wheels that cost this much have had so many reported problems that didn’t seem to get resolved.

Savini do make some cool looking wheels that seem to be popular with luxury and high end cars. But what won’t be cool is when you don’t have wheels because they cracked, or the chrome has started to peel and now they don’t look good and you’ve spent $7000 for peeling wheels.

It’s worth taking this into consideration when deciding whether you want to buy Savini wheels or not.

Mateja Matic