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Weds Wheels Review: Are They Really That Good?

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If you are looking for lightweight performance wheels, perhaps you’ve come across the name Weds or WedsSports.

Weds are one of the oldest wheel manufacturers around, but despite this they are not that big in America.

Why is this, and how good really are their wheels?

In this post, I’m going to cover Weds wheels and whether you should consider buying some or not.

The History of Weds Wheels

Weds wheels was originally founded in 1969 by Nippon Ltd in Japan. They originally produced wheels and parts for Nissan Motor Company, and in 1969 began making aftermarket wheels under the brand Elster, which has since been discontinued.

In 1973 they renamed to WEDS which stands for World Elster Distribution System, and in 1977 introduced the world’s first forged 3 piece wheel for racing aftermarket called “Racing Forge”, and their reputation in motorsports began.

In 1983 they released a very limited run of magnesium wheels for Formula 1 racing driver Jackie Stewart, and in 1984 made the WedsSport brand for racing wheels that have since become well known for their participation in JGTC, now called Super GT, where they have long sponsored the Racing Project Bandoh team.

Weds have a number of brands including WedsSport, Kranze, Maverick, F Zero, Leonis and Weds Adventure, through which they supply various different types of wheels from customizable multi-piece wheels to off-road wheels.

They have been mainly focused on the market in Japan, having only officially entered the USA in the  2000s. As a result, they aren’t extremely popular, particularly the brands other than WedsSports, though they are fairly popular as second hand imported wheels. In Japan however, they have been very popular and continue to be so to this day, considered to be one of the best wheel brands on the market.

Weds are also one of the most imitated wheel brands of all time, so much so that they started an active campaign calling out the fake wheels and showing customers the difference between real quality wheels and cheap fake reps.

Here is a very popular video made by Weds showing the difference in strength between one of their wheels and a replica:

How Weds Rims are Made

Weds make their wheels using a number of wheel production methods from low pressure casting to forging. However, they only currently provide details of how they produce their AMF (flow formed) wheels.

AMF – Advanced Metal Forming (Flow forming)

To make their AMF wheels, Weds use low pressure casting to form the center of the wheel, which results in a tighter grain structure and more density than gravity casting, and as a result the wheel is significantly stronger.

The barrel is then created using flow forming, where the wheel is spun at high speed while heat is applied and rollers apply pressure to the metal to form the barrel shape.

This process overall results in a very lightweight yet strong wheel that is close to a forged wheel but at significantly lower cost.

Weds wheels are well known for being extremely high quality and lighter than almost any other wheel brand, and they were one of the first to using flow forming to make their wheels.

Safety Certifications & Testing

Weds wheels are all JWL, VIA and JAWA certified, the highest certification you can get in Japan. They also test their wheels to 20% higher standards than the certification requirements to ensure they are strong enough for motorsport use.

Due to the problem with fake wheels, since 2012 Weds also put a special holographic sticker on their wheels to make it easier to spot fakes.

Weds Wheel Options


WedsSport is Weds’ lineup of lightweight performance wheels primarily in monoblock configuration.

Weds WedsSport Wheels


Maverick wheels are customizable high end 2-piece wheels.

Weds Maverick Wheels


Kranze are Weds’ highly customizable high end 3 piece wheels designed mostly for luxury cars and VIP style builds.

Weds Kranze Wheels

F Zero

F Zero are forged wheels designed to be lightweight, strong and look good.

Weds F Zero Wheels


Leonis wheels are designed for adding flair to minivans, SUVs and people movers.

Weds Leonis Wheels

Weds Adventure

Weds Adventure wheels are designed to be strong and durable for off-road adventures.

Weds Adventure Wheels

Conclusion – Should You Buy Weds Wheels?

Yes. Weds wheels are one of the oldest wheel companies on the planet and have been making high quality wheels for decades.

Whether you are looking for lightweight performance wheels, custom multi-piece wheels or even off-road wheels, Weds have a very wide range of wheels that are bound to suit your requirements.

When you buy a Weds wheel you know you are getting high quality, Japanese made product that has passed all relevant safety testing and will do the job it is designed to do, and more.

Their involvement in motorsport has also allowed them to develop technologies and produce some of the most advanced wheels on the planet.

Overall, Weds wheels are some of the best in the world, and I wouldn’t hesitate to put a set on my car.


FAQ About Weds Wheels

Are Weds Wheels Reps?

No, Weds are not reps. Weds are one of the oldest wheels brands in the world, and are also one of the most copied wheel brands. Weds make high quality, original wheels.

Are Weds Wheels Forged?

Some Weds wheels are forged, other Weds wheels are made using AMF (flow forming) technology.

When Were Weds Kranze Made?

Weds’ Kranze wheel brand was made in 1995.

Who Makes Weds?

Weds wheels are made by Weds Co Ltd in Japan.

Where are Weds Wheels Made?

Weds wheels are all made in Japan by Weds Co Ltd.


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