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2024 BC Forged Wheels Review: Are They Any Good?

BC Forged Wheels Review Thumnbail

If you are looking for forged wheels but can’t afford to pay the very high price tags that many forged wheel companies ask, you may be looking at BC Forged.

BC Forged offer custom made forged wheels for significantly less than most other forged wheel companies on the market.

The problem is, low price often means lower quality? Is that the case with BC Forged, or are they actually a hidden gem?

In this post, I will go into BC Forged in detail, and give you my opinion on whether or not BC Forged wheels are actually good.

The History of BC Forged

BC Forged actually started in 1999, founded as Bor-Chuann, the very same company from Taiwan that makes BC Racing coilovers.

Their coilovers are extremely popular and are regarded as one of the best value for money coilovers kits you can get.

In 2008 they got into the wheel game and started making two-piece forged wheels.

Soon after that they got their ISO 9001:2008 certificate and their own in-house fatigue testing and 13 degree impact testing machines.

No doubt this was to get their JWL and VIA certifications, because the following year they got both of those.

In 2015 they got their own forging press, and in 2018 they merged their coilover and wheel factories to the same facility in Changhua, Taiwan.

Their facility now consists of two 10,000 ton forging presses, heat treating equipment, more than 20 mills and lathes, and all finishing equipment required to produce their wheels start to finish, as well as all the safety testing equipment.

BC Forged now offer a huge selection of forged wheels that exceed 100 different designs, all of which are custom made to order to your specs and requirements.

Their wheel line-up includes a wide range of forged monoblock and two-piece designs which I will cover a little later in this post.

How BC Forged Rims Are Made

All BC Forged wheels are fully forged wheels made from 6061-T6 aluminium and are custom made to order and customizable in many ways, from face concave profile to lip style, colors and more.

BC Forged will actually speak to you to determine exactly what you are looking for and help you to determine the right sizing and fitment to suit your needs. Once you have agreed upon a specification, they will then put the order through. You can find many good reviews online about how thorough and knowledgeable they are when it comes to helping you get the right specs.

They have an estimated 3-6 wheel manufacturing time, which, unlike many American wheel companies, is actually pretty accurate, and they have a great reputation for getting the wheels to you quickly.


All BC Forged wheels are made start to finish at their facility in Taiwan.

Their forging presses allow them to make the forged wheel blanks themselves, which they then flow form to make the barrel and general shape of the wheel.

The wheel is then heat treated from 200-500 degrees celcius to further increase the strength of the metal.

Once the heat treating process is done, they use a lathe to cut the wheel to the basic shape of design for that particular wheel.

The wheel is then put on a 4 or 5-axis milling machine to refine the design.

Once the milling is completed, the wheel is inspected for quality to ensure everything is correct, and the final grinding and polishing is done to prepare it for paint or powder coat.

Once the painting or powder coating is complete, the multi-piece wheels are assembled by hand using a torque wrench to ensure everything is put together correctly.

The wheels are then packaged for shipping which includes extensive protection to ensure they are not damaged in transit.


BC Forged offer a range of finishes including matte, gloss and brushed translucent powder coat, as well as diamond cut face and fully polished lips (which can be coated with a color).

Monoblock wheels can only have one finish, while the modular (two-piece) wheels can have one finish on the face and another finish on the  lips.

You also have four choices of hardware:

  • Stainless steel
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Titanium (burnt finish)

While they offer a wide range of finishes, they don’t offer custom finishes. Instead, they will sell you the wheels raw and prepped for paint, so that you can get your desired finish done by a third party. I thought that was quite cool as an option, I haven’t seen any other brands offer that.

Special Features

Their wheels also come with a number of special features that you don’t get with other wheels.

The center caps are forged milled caps that are available in a few different finishes, and come wither in a matching finish to the wheels or a custom finish. BC Forged will also machine the wheels to accept an OEM center cap if you request it (costs $100 per wheel upcharge).

All BC Forged wheels also come with low profile stainless steel valve stems.

Their wheels also have a knurled bead like you see on wheels like Apex and SSR, to minimize tyre slippage under hard driving conditions. They leave this bare to give maximum grip with the tyre.

BC Forged will also custom machine the lug holes to fit any type of lug nut or bolt, whether conical, ball seat or something else.

Safety Testing

BC Forged put their wheels through extensive safety testing, and they are certified by JWL, VIA and TUV (the certificate is available on their website). The TUV certification is particularly difficult to pass, which says a lot about the quality of their products.

However, keep in mind that this does not mean that every single wheel is TUV certified and will pass TUV inspection on your car. Please check with BC Forged before buying wheels if you need to pass TUV.

Their safety testing includes:

  • Radial fatigue test
  • Dynamic cornering fatigue test
  • 13 degree Impact test
  • Immersion leak test to check for any leaks


All BC Forged wheels come with a 3 years structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty.

BC Forged Wheel Lines

BC Forged produce a huge number of wheel designs, over 100 in total, all of which can be customized to suit your needs and specs.

While I want list every design, here are the wheel lines they currently offer.


The Monoblock wheels are one-piece forged wheels available from 15-23” diameters, depending on model, and from 5-13” widths.


BC Forged KX Wheels


BC Forged KZ Wheels


BC Forged TD Wheels


BC Forged EH Wheels


BC Forged EH-T Wheels


BC Forged KL Wheels


BC Forged GW Wheels


BC Forged HW Wheels


BC Forged RZ Wheels


BC Forged RS Wheels


BC Forged RT Wheels


BC Forged RV Wheels

Modular (Two-Piece)

The Modular wheels are forged two-piece and are available from 18-23” diameters and widths from 8-14” wide.

MLEBC Forged MLE Wheels


BC Forged LE Wheels


BC Forged JU Wheels


BC Forged HCX Wheels


BC Forged HCA Wheels


BC Forged HCS Wheels

HCBC Forged HC Wheels


BC Forged HCL Wheels

HBBC Forged HB Wheels



BC Forged HB-R Wheels


BC Forged HB-Z Wheels


BC Forged HT Wheels


BC Forged NL Wheels

Conclusion – Are BC Forged Wheels Any Good?

Yes, BC Forged wheels are actually very good and some of the best value for money forged wheels you can get.

I spent a considerable amount of time reading many different forums from Porsche to Corvette to BMW and more to find out what people think about BC Forged wheels.

Overall, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with many people being extremely happy with their BC Forged wheels, reporting that they are light, durable (even for track use) and look fantastic.

There were very few reports of any problems, and none that I found that were serious (like a wheel breaking), telling me that BC Forged wheels are very good quality.

I also like the fact that they offer so much customization and will speak with you to ensure that you are getting the exact wheel that you are after. And all that for a price that is still lower than most other forged wheels.

Overall, I think BC Forged are doing an excellent job at producing high quality, great value for money forged wheels, which is not surprising since they do the same with their coilovers.


FAQ About BC Forged Wheels

Where Are BC Forged Wheels Made?

All BC Forged wheels are made at their facility in Changhua, Taiwan.

How Are BC Forged Wheels Made?

BC Forged wheels are made by forging, and then flow forming and heat treatment, which results in very strong and lightweight wheels.

Why Are BC Forged Wheels So Expensive?

BC Forged wheels are expensive because they are made using forging, a complicated process that produces very high quality, strong and lightweight wheels. However, compared to other forged wheels, BC Forged wheels are actually not very expensive.

Are BC Forged Real Wheels?

Yes, BC Forged wheels are real wheels. They are not replica wheels, and they are genuinely forged wheels that are either monoblock or two-piece, and come in a wide range of unique designs.

Who Makes BC forged Wheels?

BC Forged wheels are made by Bor-Chuann, the same company that makes BC Racing coilovers in Taiwan.

How Much Does a BC Forged Monoblock Weigh?

The weight of any wheel including a BC Forged monoblock is going to greatly depend on design and size chosen, however they typically weigh around 19-23 lb (8.5-10.5 kg).


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