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2024 Vossen Wheels Review: Are They Any Good?

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If you are looking for high end wheels, Vossen is no doubt a name you have come across.

Vossen has been making a name for themselves, especially in recent years, with some very impressive wheel designs and some of the highest price tags in the industry.

However, are they good enough to be worth the price?

Let’s take a look at Vossen wheels in detail and find out.

Who Are Vossen?

Vossen are a manufacturerer of high-end forged and flow formed wheels. Founded in 2006, they are headquartered in Miami, Florida, where they have a manufacturing facility and produce all of their wheels.

One thing that sets Vossen apart from many other wheel brands is that they do all the design and manufacturing themselves, at their USA facility. This is to ensure the highest quality and fitment as well as the best finishes possible.

How Are Vossen Wheels Made?

Vossen have a very thorough and indepth process for making all of their wheels.


First, they start of meticulously designing every wheel to be the highest quality as well as perfect fitment. Because they make each wheel to fit a specific car, they take over 100 measurements and data points from around the car to ensure that the wheels fit absolutely perfectly in every respect.

Once they have these data points, the wheels are designed using CAD models and are tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which includes simulated cornering, radial, and impact testing to ensure that the wheels are as strong as possible and meet SAE and TUV compliance.

Vossen design their wheels to be superior to the OEM wheels that they are replacing, so they put a great deal of effort to ensure that their wheels achieve the perfect fitment, by taking into account the maximum width, offset and concavity that the car’s design will allow.

Once the wheel design is ready to go, Vossen begin their 8 step manufacturing process.


Vossen’s Forged wheels are all made from forged aerospace-grade T6 6061 aluminium, which is heat treated for extra strength. This allows them to make wheels that are equal and often stronger and higher quality than the best OEM wheels.

To manufacture the wheels, Vossen’s facility has ten CNC machines and vertical lathes that use gravity to achieve the highest tolerances, as well as mills that have high rigidity and spindle speeds to reduce cycle time and produce a smoother surface finish.

They also have an internal network which is used to distribute and store the CNC programs, allowing them to share designs and data between any machine.

Once the wheels have gone through the process of programming, lathing, CNC milling, lightening, engraving and the final lathe turning, every wheel is meticulously inspected where critical dimensions are checked to ensure the wheel runout is less than .01”.

Once the inspection has been passed, the wheels are sent for final finishing.


The entire wheel finishing process is also done in-house to ensure the highest quality, and allows Vossen to offer a wide range of 48 different finishes that include ceramic polishing, hand brushing and powder coating.

The finishing process is a 5 step process that begins with each wheel being hand prepared using hand sanding and deburring to ensure the highest finish. Brushed wheels receive further hand sanding to get the desired finish, which can take up to 5 hours per wheel.

Wheels that are receiving a brushed or polished finish are then sent to step 2, which is the most time consuming part of the process that ensures each wheel gets and absolutely perfect finish.

The wheels then receive a 7-stage pre-treatment which ensures they are perfectly clean and free from blemishes, ready for powder coating.

The wheels are now powder coated at Vossen’s in-house facility, in either solid colors or transparent powder coats depending on the ordered wheel spec. Vossen’s powder coats are extremely high quality, resulting in a perfect finish and durable to last the test of time.

Once this has been completed, every wheel is finial finish inspection including a film thickness gauge test to ensure the powder coating in evenly distributed. Once each wheel has passed the inspection, it receives a final clean and is packaged for shipment.

This entire process ensures that every single wheel that leaves the Vossen facility is absolutely perfect.

Vossen Wheel Lineups

Vossen offer a very wide range of wheel designs which consist of monoblock and 3 piece options to suit a wide range of vehicles. Their wheels are available in 18”-24” depending on the design.

Evo Series

Vossen Evo Series Wheels

The Evo series wheels currently consist of 12 different designs that are either monoblock or 3 piece, and are designed to suit modern vehicles. Each wheel is forged and offered in sizes ranging from 18”-24”, making them perfect for exotics, performance cars and even trucks.

Evo R Series

Vossen Evo R Series Wheels

The EVO R Series takes the Evo Series and expands on the designs. These are also forged and are available in 12 designs which include monoblock and 3 piece options, available in 18”-24” diameters and widths from 8.5-13”.

Series 21

Vossen Series 21 Wheels

The Series 21 wheels are forged monoblock and 3 piece wheels with aggressive and dynamic designs. Available in 11 different designs, in sizes 18”-24” and 8.5-16” widths. Some wheel in this series are also available in a carbon finish.

Series 17

Vossen Series 17 Wheels

Series 17 wheels feature unique and aggressive designs which can be made to suit almost any vehicle. There are 21 designs in this series, available in various monoblock or 3 piece configurations, all of which are forged.

M-X Series

Vossen M-X Series Wheels

The M-X Series are based on a mono-lip design, and feature 15 dynamic designs which are made to give you a dished concave look. All M-X Series wheels are fully forged and come in a wide variety of sizes and custom finish options.

HC Series

Vossen HC Series Wheels

The HC Series wheels feature 8 aggressive designs centered around a twin spoke style. Available in forged monoblock or 3 piece, with a wide range of sizes and custom finishes.

ERA Series

Vossen Era Series Wheels

ERA Series wheels take inspiration from classic motorsport wheel designs, particularly mesh face wheels that feature a deep lip, and are available exclusively as forged 3 piece wheels, with a wide variety of sizes and custom finishes.

M-R Series

Vossen M-R Series Wheels

M-R Series wheels feature rather distinct complicated face designs and step lips, which look like multi-piece wheels but are a forged monoblock construction. There are 3 designs currently available in this series.

GNS Series

Vossen GNS Series Wheels

GNS Series wheels feature a simpler, classic tuner look available in forged monoblock construction.

Precision Series

Vossen Precision Series Wheels

The Precision Series are Vossen’s flagship forged wheels, which feature their signature 30 degree cut angles along with their special Infini-Lip which creates a distinct lip-to-barrel transition. These are available in 21 distinct designs.

CG Series

Vossen CG Series Wheels

The CG Series feature 15 distinct designs with “closed geometry and elegantly-confined patterns within each spoke design”. These are forged wheels available in monoblock and 3 piece configurations.

LC Series

Vossen LC Series Wheels

The LC in LC Series stands for Lip Concept, which was designed to emulate the lip transition of multi-piece wheels while being a forged monoblock construction. There are 12 distinct designs in this series.

LC2 Series

Vossen LC2 Series Wheels

The LC2 Series takes the LC Series designs and adds intricate patterns to create a design that allows for interchanging of the inner and outer parts of the face.

LC3 Series

Vossen LC3 Series Wheels

The LC3 Series takes the LC2 Series and ads an intricate pocket design, and are available in either standard 5 lug or floating center-cap configurations.

Novitec x Vossen

Vossen Novitec Series Wheels

A partnership between Novitec and Vossen, these wheels feature a focus on precision craftsmanship, revolutionary design and a high quality product. These wheels are tailored specifically to models of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Tesla.

Urban Automotive x Vossen

Urban Automotive X Vossen Wheels

A partnership between Urban Automotive and Vossen, these wheels are designed specifically for Land Rover and Range Rover applications, and are an excellent way to make your SUV stand out.

Champion Motorsport x Vossen

Vossen X Champion Motorsport Wheels

Champion Motorsport, Porsche specialists, teamed up with Vossen to create lightweight forged wheels exclusively for Porsche 5 lug and center lock applications.

Hybrid Forged Series

Vossen Hybrid Forged Series Wheels

The Hybrid Forged Series are Vossen’s lower priced options which utilize flow forming to create wheels that are lighter and stronger than normally cast wheels, without the high costs associated with forged wheels. This manufacturing method allow Vossen to offer these wheels in a wide range of widths for each design.

Hybrid Forged 6 Lug

Vossen Hybrid Forged 6 Lug Series Wheels

These are the same as the Hybrid Forged Series except designed specifically for the truck and SUV market with 6 lug applications.

20 inch Vossen Wheels

All Vossen wheels are available in 20 inch diameters, including:

  • Evo Series
  • Evo R Series
  • Series 21
  • Series 17
  • M-X Series
  • HC Series
  • ERA Series
  • M-R Series
  • GNS Series
  • Precision Series
  • CG Series
  • LC Series
  • LC2 Series
  • LC3 Series
  • Novitec x Vossen
  • Urban Automotive x Vossen
  • Champion Motorsport x Vossen
  • Hybrid Forged Series
  • Hybrid Forged 6 Lug

22 Inch Vossen Wheels

All Vossen wheels are available in 22 inch diameters, including:

  • Evo Series
  • Evo R Series
  • Series 21
  • Series 17
  • M-X Series
  • HC Series
  • ERA Series
  • M-R Series
  • GNS Series
  • Precision Series
  • CG Series
  • LC Series
  • LC2 Series
  • LC3 Series
  • Novitec x Vossen
  • Urban Automotive x Vossen
  • Champion Motorsport x Vossen
  • Hybrid Forged Series
  • Hybrid Forged 6 Lug

Does Vossen Make 18 Inch Wheels?

Yes, Vossen makes a wide range of wheels available in 18 inch diameter, including all of their 3-piece wheels. These include:

  • EVO-1 (3-Piece)
  • EVO-2 (3-Piece)
  • EVO-3 (3-Piece)
  • EVO-4 (3-Piece)
  • EVO-5 (3-Piece)
  • EVO-6T (3-Piece)
  • EVO-1R (3-Piece)
  • EVO-2R (3-Piece)
  • EVO-3R (3-Piece)
  • EVO-4R (3-Piece)
  • EVO-5R (3-Piece)
  • EVO-6TR (3-Piece)
  • S21-01 (3-Piece)
  • S17-01 (3-Piece)
  • S17-03 (3-Piece)
  • S17-04 (3-Piece)
  • S17-06 (3-Piece)
  • S17-07 (3-Piece)
  • S17-14 (3-Piece)
  • S17-16 (3-Piece)
  • M-X1 (3-Piece)
  • M-X4T (3-Piece)
  • M-X5 (3-Piece)
  • M-X6 (3-Piece)
  • ERA-1 (3-Piece)
  • ERA-2
  • ERA-3
  • ERA-4
  • ERA-5
  • CG-209T (3-Piece)

Vossen Customer Service & Warranty

Vossen have a very good track record when it comes to their service and warranty.

If you search the internet, you will find that they are very quick to respond to any issues with the wheels, and always offer to solve the problem, often going above and beyond what they are required to do.

Vossen seem to take their customer service very seriously and stand behind their products, which is a very good sign and is something that is getting hard to find these days. If you buy Vossen wheels and have an issue, based on what I have seen I would trust Vossen to resolve it.

Conclusion – Are Vossen Wheels Any Good?

Yes, Vossen wheels are very good. In fact, Vossen wheels are some of the highest quality wheels available on the market today, which has led to partnerships with the likes of Urban Automotive, Champion Motorsport and Novitec.

Vossen put a great deal of attention into produced extremely high quality wheels which are often seen on many high end cars including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and more.

They offer a wide range of designs and options which are available in a big range of sizes and many custom finishes. No matter what you are looking for, odds are they can make it.

If you are looking for the best wheels money can buy, Vossen are one of your top choices.


Some FAQ About Vossen Wheels

How Much Do Vossen Wheels Weigh?

Vossen wheels weigh anywhere from around 27 lb (12 kg) for the lighter wheels in smaller sizes (19”) and up for larger and heavier wheels. The bigger the wheel, the more it will weigh, and some designs are heavier than others.

Are Vossen Wheels Heavy?

Vossen wheels are not very heavy compared to other wheels. For instance, a 20” Vossen wheel usually does not weight much more than a 18” OEM wheel. Vossen wheels feature special lightening pockets on the mounting face to help reduce unnecessary wheel weight.

Are Vossen Wheels Forged?

Yes, all Vossen wheels are forged, with the exception of the Hybrid Forged Series which are flow formed.

Are Vossen Wheels Good Quality?

Yes, Vossen wheels are good quality. In fact, Vossen wheels are often equal to or better than OEM wheels. Vossen wheels are made from Aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminium that is heat treated for extra strength, and they carefully inspect every wheel to ensure they are perfect and within the tightest tolerances.

Are Vossen Wheels Replicas?

No, Vossen wheels are not replicas. Vossen wheels are original wheel designs, designed and made by Vossen to a very high standard at their facility.

How Much Do Vossen Wheels Cost?

Vossen wheels can cost anywhere from $600 per wheel on the low end up to $5750 per wheel for their carbon wheels.

Where Are Vossen Wheels Made?

All Vossen wheels are made in Miami, Florida at Vossen’s manufacturing facility.

Where Are Vossen Wheels Manufactured?

All Vossen wheels are manufactured in Vossen’s facility in Miami, Florida.

Why Are Vossen Wheels So Expensive?

Vossen wheels are expensive because they are made using the high quality, strongest materials, and are made using the very best precision forging methods and finishing processes to ensure the wheels are some of the best wheels you can buy. They are also highly customizable and available in a wide range of finishes that require being done by hand.

Can You Get Vossen Wheels Without the Logo?

Yes, many Vossen wheels are available without the logo.

Do Vossen Wheels Crack?

Vossen wheels are made of some of the best materials possible, and made using forging which ensures extremely strong wheels. It is very unlikely for Vossen wheels to crack, except for very unusual and extreme circumstances. There have been instances in the past where some designs were prone to cracking, but those have either been updated or discontinued.

How to Spot Fake Vossen Wheels

Like all wheels, there are many fake Vossens out there. The best way to spot fake Vossens are to buy Vossens from an authorized dealer or Vossen themselves. Vossen also have special engraving on the barrel and serial numbers, which can help you to identify if a Vossen wheel is real or fake.

What Are Vossen Wheels Made Of?

Vossen’s forged wheels are made of aerospace grade forged 6061-T6 aluminium which is heat treated for extra strength, resulting in wheels which are equal to and often better than OEM quality.


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