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12+ Best Car Wheel Brands of 2024

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When it comes to cars, wheels are easily the most popular modification. Even people who are not necessarily into the modified car scene will upgrade the wheels on their car, because they understand what an effect it can have.

There are few other modifications that can transform the look of the car so much as a new set of wheels. And yet, it’s a very simple and relatively inexpensive modification to do (depending on the wheels of course).

However, like all things, there are better wheel brands and worse wheel brands. In this post, I’m going to cover the best wheel brands of 2024, as well as the importance of selecting good quality wheels for your car and the benefits of doing so.

Why You Should Select Good Quality Wheels for Your Car

While it may be tempting to go for a cheap set of wheels, you have to remember that the wheels are the only thing that hold your car off the ground. If a wheel fails, your car will literally be sitting on the ground.

Now, while cheap wheels do often get the job done, especially for street driving, they are usually weaker than a quality set of wheels, simply due to the fact that they are made using inferior materials and manufacturing methods.

While you may not see a problem for some time, if you were to hit a pot hole, for instance, cheaper wheels are far more likely to get buckled or crack, which would leave you stranded. They are also less likely to be repaired.

Quality wheels, on the other hand, are designed to be strong, and are usually able to take more impact before failing.

This is twice as important if you want to track the car.

Cars can see significantly more stress when being used at the track, and the last thing you want is for a wheel to give way while you are flying down a straight at 100+ miles an hour.

Cheaper wheels also tend to be heavier. Some of the top wheel manufactures put considerable amount of engineering into their wheels to produce light yet strong wheels. This is why some of them can get very expensive.

Cheap wheels, on the other hand, are just made to look good and be cheap, and don’t benefit from the same engineering or manufacturing processes that are used for quality wheels. So they are not going to be as light, which will result in worse handing performance, slower acceleration and poorer fuel economy.

The Best Aftermarket Car Rim Brands of 2024

Now that you know why it’s important to select quality wheels from a reputable brand, here are the best wheel brands currently available.

Volk Racing

Volk Racing wheel

Volk Racing is a Japanese wheel brand under the Rays company umbrella (more on them in a minute) who are well known for their extremely high quality lightweight wheels often used in motorsports as well as performance street cars.

Widely known for their very popular TE37 wheel model, Volk wheels are all made in house in Japan to ensure the highest quality possible and made used flow-forming technology to be lightweight and strong.

Volk Racing wheels are some of the best in the world, are extremely popular among car enthusiasts worldwide and you will often see them at shows and track days.

They have a long history of making extremely popular wheels used by car tuners as well as involvement in motorsport.

If you are looking for good looking, high performance wheels, you can’t go wrong with Volk Racing.



Rays wheel

Rays are a top-of-the-line Japanese wheel manufacturer who sell an incredibly wide range of wheels under various brand names including Volk Racing, Gram Lights, Versus, Waltz Forged and more.

Rays have been around in 1978 and have been producing some of the world’s best quality wheels ever since. They are known for their strong focus on performance and their very lightweight yet strong wheels which are often used in motorsport.

One of the things that makes their wheels so good is that they use the same technology on both road and race wheels, giving you superior wheels no matter what you need them for.

They have both forged and cast wheel models designed to cater to all needs, so no matter whether you are looking for wheels for your daily driver, racecar of off-roader, Rays will have something for you.


BBS wheel

BBS is a very well-known German wheel brand, founded in 1970, who produce high quality wheels that are widely used in motorsports and are very popular with car enthusiasts worldwide.

They are particular known for their mesh wheel designs which often come in 2 or 3 piece, such as the incredibly popular RS and LM wheel models.

BBS has been a supplier of wheels to some of the top tier motorsports in the world including Formula 1, DTM, Nascar and more. They also make OEM wheels for many high end vehicles including BMW and Porsche and even cars like the Mitsubishi Evo and the Mazda RX7.

There is no doubt that BBS is one of the top wheel manufacturers on the planet, and to this day produce some of the best one, two and three piece forged aluminium and magnesium alloy wheels as well as cast and flow-formed wheels.

If you are looking for a high end set of wheels for your car, BBS are a fantastic option that are recognized by practically every car enthusiast.


OZ Racing

OZ Racing wheel

OZ Racing is another popular wheel brand that is known for producing good looking high-performance wheels.

Founded in Italy in 1971, they have a long history of motorsport involvement and have produced wheels for some of the top tier motorsports including Formula 1, WRC, Indycar and more.

They also have partnerships with many high-end car manufacturers including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Aston Martin and more.

OZ Racing wheels have a distinct look and are best recognizable for the multispoke design of their Superleggera and Superturismo wheel models. They have a wide range of monoblock as well as multipiece wheel designs.

OZ Racing wheels are another excellent choice if you want high quality wheels that look good and perform well.


Enkei wheel

Enkei are another extremely popular wheel brand from Japan who make high quality lightweight wheels.

Particularly known for their RPF1 wheels, which are very popular among car enthusiasts, ENKEI produce a range of lightweight and durable wheels designed for both street and motorsport.

Many top tier racing teams use Enkei wheels including Formula 1, drifting, time attack and more.

They also produce some retro designs such as the 92 which has become incredibly popular with classic cars and resto mods.

Whether you are at a car show or a track day, you can except to see at least a few sets of Enkei wheels.



HRE wheel

HRE is a high-end brand that is known for producing custom wheels for luxury and performance vehicles.

Founded in 1978 in California, HRE are known for their innovated designs, exceptional craftsmanship and high level of engineering.

They specialize in custom forged wheels and have an incredibly wide range of monoblock, 2 piece, 3 piece and flow formed wheel designs. They also produce wheels with a carbon fiber barrel.

If you are looking for high end wheels that will make your car stand out, HRE are definitely a name to consider.


Work Wheels

Gold Work wheel

Work Wheels are a high end Japanese manufacturer that produce wheels for both street and motorsport use.

First releasing wheels in 1977, they have grown incredibly popular with car tuners and enthusiasts worldwide.

They make a wide range of one, two and three piece forged wheels in a wide range of designs and options. They also offer custom wheel options including PCD and color choices.

Work use an “on demand” ordering system in order to produce wheels that meet the exact requirements of their customers.

If you have specific requirements for your wheels, Work are definitely a good choice.



SSR wheel

SSR was the first company to release a 3 piece wheel back in 1971, and have seen been making a wide range of high quality wheels for both street and track.

Based in Japan, SSR have a strong focus on performance, producing all their wheels to be as light and as strong as possible, even if they are only made for street cars.

SSR wheels are commonly used in motorsport and this allows them to constantly develop and improve their wheel technologies.

They make a wide range of both cast and forged one, two and three piece wheels, including a wide range of retro designs.

No matter what you are looking for from a set of wheels, SSR has you covered.



Cosmis wheel

Compared to many of the other brands on this list, Cosmis Wheels is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2011.

What sets Cosmis Wheels apart from other brands is that they offer high quality wheels for a low price tag.

While they are not the lightest wheels on the market (they also aren’t exactly heavy), they are designed to be durable, and Cosmis has proven this with various tests including having their wheels being shot at and dropped from various heights to prove it.

So while they probably won’t outperform a lot of the other wheels here, they are significantly cheaper which makes them a great option for people on a budget.



Forgeline wheel

Started in 1994, Forgeline is a US-based wheel company that produces high-quality forged wheels.

A very popular wheel choice in a number of American racing series, Forgeline’s focus is on producing high performing, durable and lightweight wheels and as a result their wheels have been used on some of the fastest cars in the world.

Every wheel they make is custom made to order for every individual customer in order to fit their needs and their vehicle perfectly and they will even build you a completely custom wheel design. All wheels are manufactured in-house at their facility in Ohio.

They offer a very wide range of designs and sizes, making them suitable for almost any car out there. Another great high end choice.


Konig wheel

Established in 1983 in Germany, Konig has been producing high quality affordable wheels for over 40 years and is an incredibly popular name in the aftermarket world.

Konig’s flow form wheels are some of the best value for money wheels currently available. By using a rotary forging manufacturing method, they produce wheels that are both lighter and more durable.

They are also currently working on a forged wheel linup that will be released in 2023.

Konig has been in the game a long time and makes some of the best affordable wheels on the market. If you are on a budget, Konig is definitely a brand to consider.



TSW wheel

TSW was founded in the 1960s by a former Formula 1 driver called Eddie Keizan. They were originally operating out of a small manufacturing facility in South Africa, which quickly grew into an international company.

By the 1980s TSW was supplying most car manufactures and were also heavily involved in motorsports since the beginning.

They make an huge range of wheels under several brand names including Beyern wheels and Black Rhino, as well as their own.

Many TSW wheels are made using rotary forging, which allows them to make wheels that are stronger and lighter than regular cast wheels.

TSW make a wide range of wheel designs and are a great high quality choice if you are looking for wheels for your car.



Rotiform Wheel

Founded in 2009, Rotiform are another relatively new wheel company that have gained a lot of popularity.

Based in the USA, with all their wheels being manufactured in California, Rotifom make a wide range of wheels from cast monoblocks to forged one, two and three piece designs.

Their designs cater to the modified car scene and they make a wide range of super wide designs that go along perfectly with the extreme wide body kits that are popular today. They also make many wheels that are reminiscent of old wheel designs but made to suit sizes required for today’s cars.

If you are looking for unique wheel designs in extreme specs, or you just want a quality set of wheels, Rotiform has a lot to choose form.


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