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Rohana Wheels Review – Are They Any Good Or Are They Reps?

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Rohana is a name that you hear more and more when it comes to wheels but not many people actually know much about them.

They make a wide range of eye-catching wheels from cast to multi-piece forged, for pretty good prices.

But just how good are they?

In this post I’m going to cover Rohana in detail and whether their wheels are good or not.

The Background On Rohana Wheels

Rohana wheels was founded in 2009 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.

They specialize in making high end wheels designed to be a balance between good performance and looking good. They offer a wide range of unique designs and striking finishes to match perfectly with some of the extreme modifications being done today such as widebodies with super wide wheels.

Rohana offer a range of cast, flow formed and forged wheels which are distributed to over 40 countries worldwide.

Their focus is on making good looking wheels that suit a wide range of cars from JDMs to supercars and even SUVs.

They are not really focused on motorsport, so don’t expect to find their wheels on many racecars. You will, however, find their wheels at many car shows and events from SEMA to local meets.

How Rohana Rims Are Made

Rohana offer a range of cast, flow formed and forged wheel options.


Cast wheels are the cheapest wheels and with Rohana this is no exception. Their RC line is their cast line and is the lowest price option.

Cast wheels tend to be weaker and heavier than any other type of wheel, but they are cheap to produce so many companies and OEMs use cast wheels as they are sufficient for road use.

Unfortunately, Rohana doesn’t reveal many specifics about how their cast wheels are made, which probably means that they are outsourced to somewhere like China or Taiwan. This is not unusual and doesn’t mean they are bad quality, as many of the best wheel brands sell wheels made overseas.

Flow Formed (Called Cross Forged)

Rohana offer a series of flow formed wheels which they call Cross Forged.

These wheels are made by casting a wheel center, which is then put in a mandrel, spun at high speeds while heat is applied and rollers apply pressure to form the barrel.

This results in a stronger and lighter wheel than a cast wheel, without the high expensive of a forged wheel.

The wheel is then put on a lathe and then a CNC machine to shave the wheel to refine the shape, set the correct offset and drill the PCD holes and center bore.

Final details such as brushing are then done to prepare it for the final finish, which consists of powder coat and clear coat.

The wheel is then inspected for quality before being packaged and sent out.

Here is a video from Rohana showing their flow forming process:


Forged wheels are the strongest and lightest wheels you can get (not including carbon), but they are also the most expensive.

Rohana offer a range of options when it comes to their forged wheels including monoblock (Unibloc), 2-piece (Tandem) and 3-piece (Trinity) configurations with a wide variety of options for practically every part of the wheel from the spokes to the lips and even the hardware.

Their forged wheels are made in Santa Fe Springs, California, from aerospace grade 6061 T6 aluminium.

Most American forged wheel companies source forging blanks from various suppliers and then mill and CNC the wheels to make their designs, and it appears that Rohana is doing similar.

All their forged wheels are made to order, FEA tested for the specific vehicle they are going on and engineering to clear big brakes.

The wheels are lathed to form the design, then CNC milled to the precise shape and to smoothen the  finish.

The wheel then goes for engraving, where any customization is done. It is then sent to final finishing for sandblasting, powder coat and clear coat.

The wheel is then assembled (if multi-piece) and inspected to ensure it meets all quality standards before being sent out.

Here is a video from Rohana showing how their forged wheels are made:


Rohana specialize in eye-catching finishes, particularly brushed finishes, and offer a range of standard finishes to choose form as well as custom finishes to suit your needs.

Where Are Rohana Wheels Made?

While Rohana does not reveal where their cast and flow formed wheels are made, their forged wheels are made in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Safety Testing & Certifications

Rohana do some safety testing including impact testing and runout tests to ensure their wheels are strong enough and are within certain tolerances. Their wheels meet and surpass JWL and VIA specifications, which means they have to go through impact testing, radial fatigue testing and corner fatigue testing to pass.


Rohana offer a 1 year warranty for the original purchaser which covers any material and workmanship defects.

Rohana Wheel Selection

Forged Wheels – Monoblock (Unibloc), 2-Piece (Tandem) & 3-Piece (Trinity)

Rohana’s forged wheels are custom made to order and extremely customizable. They are available in 18-24″ diameters and widths from 8.5- 13″.

Practically every part of the wheel can be customized, with options for Unibloc (monoblock) Tandem (2-piece) and Trinity (3-piece) configurations for each design.

The lips can be step, reverse, step rolled and even carbon fiber with a Dynamag barrel. The spokes can be standard or floating. You also have the option of custom engraving, options for exposed hardware, 50/50 or hidden hardware.

All forged wheels are built to order for your specific vehicle application and are available in any PCD or even center lock.

RFG Series

The RFG Series are Rohana’s forged collection and come in 14 different designs.

Rohana Forged RFG Wheels

RLB Series

Forged wheels made in collaboration with Liberty Walk and are available in all the options of the RFG Series. Rohana Forged RLB Wheels

Cross Forged (Flow Formed)

Rohana’s Cross Forged wheels are flow formed and are offered in up to 5 different concavities per design. Each width and offset is carefully designed to achieve maximum concavity without sacrificing brake clearance.

RFX Series

Available in 19-22” depending on model, from 8.5 to 12” wide.

Rohana Flow Formed RFX Wheels

RFV Series

Designed for 6-lug SUVs, trucks and off-roaders with higher load ratings. Available in 20-22”, from 8-12” wide (depending on model).

Rohana Flow Formed RFV Wheels


RC Series

The original series offered by Rohana. The most concave designs with 3 concavity models for each wheel design, made to clear brakes while being as concave as possible. These are Rohana’s most affordable wheels.

Rohana Cast RC Wheels

How Good Are Rohana Wheels?

Truthfully, Rohana wheels have a mixed reputation.

While there are many people happy with their Rohana wheels, there are also a number of recurring reports of their wheels easily cracking (usually within the first year of ownership), as well as poor quality of the finish which flakes off after a year or two.

Most of these reports were several years ago, and they were all for the cast for flow formed wheels, so Rohana may have increased their quality since then.

It’s also worth noting that Rohana didn’t seem to be interested in resolving these problems, and as a result they have a reputation for denying any problem with the wheels and blaming it on something that is not included in the warranty such as potholes or wheel cleaners that damaged the finish.

So while most of their wheels seem to be fine, just be aware that you are likely on your own if something does go wrong.

There are also a couple of recurring instances of them sending out the wrong wheels, but they did resolve these cases.

How Much Do Rohana Wheels Weigh?

Rohana wheels are definitely on the heavier side, they are not a lightweight performance wheel when compared to true racing wheels like Volk or BBS.

Rohana wheels typically weigh anywhere from 23-37 lb (10-17 kg) for a 20” wheel depending on the design and width.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Rohana Wheels?

Overall I think Rohana wheels are decent wheels that are actually priced well compared to other similar wheels.

They offer a good selection of many different designs as well as size options, and they have a huge range of customization options for their forged wheels.

While they have had some issues in the past, these seem to be outlier cases considering that many people are happy with their Rohana wheels and haven’t had issues.

I think Rohana could do a bit more to offer good customer service and help to sort out any problems, but aside from that I don’t see any problems with their wheels.

If you want to get Rohana wheels for your car, you can get them here for the best price:


FAQ About Rohana Wheels

Are Rohana Wheels Replicas?

No, Rohana wheels are not replicas. Rohana make a wide range of unique wheels including genuine multi-piece forged wheels.

Are Rohana Wheels Forged?

Yes, Rohana do have forged wheels. Their RFG and RLB Series wheels are all forged and available in monoblock, 2-piece and 3-piece configurations.

Are Rohana Wheels Performance Wheels?

No, Rohana wheels are not really performance wheels. While some of their wheels are light, Rohana wheels tend to be heavy and are not as good as some other wheels in terms of performance.

Are Rohana Wheels Real?

Yes, Rohana wheels are real. Rohana make real multi-piece forged wheels as well as flow formed and cast wheels which are unique and not replicas.


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