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Titan 7 Wheels Review: Are They Any Good?

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If you are looking for forged wheels you’ve probably come across Titan7.

Titan7 have been getting attention by selling forged wheels for significantly lower prices than any other wheel company.

But how are they able to make forged wheels so cheap?

In this post, I’m going to go over Titan7 and how good their wheels really are.

The History of Titan 7

Titan 7 is a pretty new company, having been around since 2018. It was founded by Eddie Lee, who was general manager of Mackin Industries, the USA importer for Rays, Volk, Advan and more.

Titan 7 is based in California with two warehouses in the USA, one in Reno, NV and another in Philadelphia, PA.

Their motto is “forged for all”, with the goal of providing forged track wheels at an affordable price.

They are supporters of a number of racing series including Speed District, Speed Ventures, Global Time Attack, Turn 8 Racing and more.

Due to being a fairly new company, there really isn’t a lot more to be said about them, so let’s get into their wheels and how they make them.

How Titan 7 Rims Are Made

Titan 7 wheels are made from 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium which is forged using a 10,000 ton forging press at their factory in China.

The wheels are made by forging blanks, which are then CNC cut to the design of the wheel and then heat treated.

This is similar to how many other American forged wheel companies make their wheels, but it results in a weaker wheel than a mold form forged wheel such as Volk Racing wheels.

Titan 7 also say they use FEA analysis to design and test their wheels to ensure they are strong enough. This is a process used by many of the top wheel brands which allows them to test their wheel designs electronically to ensure they meet strength requirements.

Their wheels also have some cool features like the gear cut knurled beads, designed to prevent the tyres slipping on the rim, and a reinforced inner lip flange for added rigidity.

Here is a video from Titan 7 showing how their wheels are made:


Titan 7 gives a lifetime structural warranty as well as a 1 year warranty on the factory applied finish an wheel accessories.

Safety Certifications

Titan 7 claim that their wheels are JWL and VIA certified, and in the video above they also claim to meet TUV testing standards, though I can’t find mention of TUV certification anywhere.

Now, the problem is that at least some of their wheels don’t actually meet JWL standards.

Apex Wheels did a blog post where they explained how the load rating of one of Titan 7’s wheels was not up to JWL and VIA standards, yet had the markings stamped on the wheel. You can read that post here.

This means that at least some of their wheels would not get the VIA certification if they were put through the official testing, yet all of their wheels have the markings on them.

Titan 7 claim to do “in-house” impact testing and radial fatigue testing, which I assume is done at the Chinese factory.

Inconsistencies & Problems With Titan 7

Unfortunately, during my research I found a number of inconsistencies and reported problems when it comes to Titan 7 and their wheels.

For starters, you have the JWL/VIA issue mentioned above, along with the fact that they claim to do everything “in-house”, yet the wheels are made in China, they are based in California, and their warehouses are in other states. I’m not sure that quite counts.

Then I found reports of some of their wheels cracking with track use, most notably the TS5 model (this also happens to be the same model that Apex covered in their post).

One user on Reddit explained how the issue is due to the design of the spokes. Instead of using a C or I-beam cross section, which provides the best strength for cornering loads, they used a plus (+) shaped cross section which allows them to cut it with a 3 axis CNC machine rather than a 5 axis machine. This makes them cheaper to produce but results in weaker spokes and is also an inefficient way to use the material for strength.

Apparently, that design has resulted in a number of their wheels failing from fatigue and cornering loads when being used on the track. This is an issue because their wheels are marketed as track wheels, so the fact this happened at all is of concern.

Now, to be fair, you’ll find many people who are happy with their Titan 7 wheels and who haven’t had any issues. But I thought it was fair to bring these points up so that you could make an informed decision.

Titan 7 Wheel Options

Titan 7 currently offer 10 wheel designs to choose from.


Titan 7 T-C5 Wheel


Titan 7 T-CS5 Wheel


Titan 7 T-6DE Wheel


Titan 7 T-6D LE Wheel


Titan 7 T-LD1 Wheel


Titan 7 T-S5 Wheel


Titan 7 S7 Wheel


Titan 7 T-R10 Wheel

T-AK1 (Off-road)

Titan 7 AK1 Wheel

T-AK2 (Off-Road)

Titan 7 AK2 Wheel

Conclusion – Should You Buy Titan Wheels?

Personally, I don’t like what I’ve found regarding the JWL/VIA markings as well as the cracking issues on these wheels.

While they do come at a very attractive low price, I can’t help but feel that some corners were cut in order to make it happen, which has resulted in real world effects. There’s a reason you don’t find reports of a Volk or BBS wheel cracking out of no-where – they don’t.

So, while Titan 7 wheels are pretty much the cheapest forged wheels you can get, unfortunately I think it is a case of “you get what you pay for”.

Personally, if I was shopping for wheels in this price range, I would rather go with a proven flow formed set of wheels that I know wouldn’t have problems.

However, if you want to get a set of Titan 7 wheels, you can get them here for the best price:


What I Would Recommend Instead

Here are some other wheel options that I would recommend.


Enkei make high quality flow formed wheels which have proven themselves time and again on the track.

Their RPF1 model is one of the most popular wheels on the planet because it combines affordability with durability and is very lightweight.

If you are looking for low cost track wheels, Enkei are seriously hard to beat.


Volk Racing

If you have the money to spend, Volk Racing are practically the godfather of forged wheels.

Quite possibly the best wheel brand on the planet, Volk only make ultra-high quality forged wheels designed specifically for maximum performance.

While they are not cheap, you can be sure you are getting an absolute top quality product that is extremely durable, lightweight and backed by a well known brand that has been around for decades.


FAQ About Titan 7 Wheels

Are Titan 7 Wheels Reps?

Titan 7 wheels are mostly based on other wheel brand’s designs, however I wouldn’t say they are direct copies. So I would say Titan 7 fall somewhere in the middle between rep and not rep.

Are Titan7 Wheels Forged?

Yes, all Titan 7 wheels are forged.

Where Are Titan7 Wheels Made?

Titan 7 wheels are all made in China.

Are Titan 7 Real Wheels?

Titan 7 wheels are real in the sense that they are actually forged wheels. However, they do use other brands designed for their wheels.

Who Owns Titan7?

Eddie Lee owns Titan7, who was the general manager of Mackin Industries, the USA Importer for Rays, Volk, Advan and other brands.

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