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Vorsteiner Wheels Review: Are They Really That Good?

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If you have a high end luxury or sports car and are looking for new wheels, you’ve probably come across the name Vorsteiner.

Vorsteiner make some very interesting and unique wheels for a range of high end cars.

But what makes them so special and worth up to $20,000 for a set?

In this post, I’m going to go over Vorsteiner and what makes their wheels so good.

The History of Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner was founded in 2004 by Peter Nam. Peter Nam is a car enthusiast who also owns Gunther Werks, a company that produces custom built Porsche 993s.

Vorsteiner is based in California and started off by selling carbon fiber aero parts for BMW 3 series models such as the E36 and E46 as well as forged wheels.

Over time this expanded to catering to other high end brands such as Porsche and Mercedes, and today Vorsteiner produce parts and wheels for most high end cars including Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.

Their philosophy is to make the highest quality parts you can get, with “redefining perfection” being their slogan.

Vorsteiner put great attention to detail into ensuring every part they produce is perfect before it gets shipped out, especially since they cater to high end cars.

They produce all of their wheels in-house, which allows them to not only maintain an extremely high level of quality, but also have some of the shortest wait times for custom forged wheels, being as little as 1-3 weeks.

Unlike many wheel companies that make a range of sizes that fit many models, Vorsteiner produce many of their wheels for specific application, with the wheel design and fitment specs specifically made for a certain vehicle.

This ensures perfect fitment and styling that suits the vehicle’s design.

They have also created an ordering system which allows you to order your custom wheels completely online, without having to call or go to them.

Along with wheels they also have an extensive range of carbon fiber aero kits, exhausts and accessories made specifically for high end sports and luxury cars.

How Vorsteiner Rims Are Made

Vorsteiner have 3 different types of wheels: flow formed, forged and carbon fiber. All their forged wheels are made at their facility in California from California sourced T6-6061 aerospace & medical grade aluminium that is TUV rated.

Vorsteiner designed their wheels using FEA analysis and their wheels are load rated to the specific application to deliver maximum performance and efficiency for the particular model of car. This allows them to make the lightest possible wheel while still being sufficiently strong for the car it is intended.

Every individual wheel design goes through extensive analysis to ensure that they are durable enough to withstand the toughest conditions while also providing a beautiful appearance.

Flow Forming

Flow forming is a type of wheel manufacturing that involves casting the wheel center, and then putting it on a spinning machine and forming the barrel with rollers that apply pressure while heat is applied.

This method produces high quality, durable wheels that are both lighter and stronger than cast wheels while being significantly cheaper to produce than fully forged wheels.

Their flow formed wheels take only 10 days to be produced with personalized customizations.


Forged wheels are typically the strongest and lightest wheels currently available. They are made from forged aluminium and milled to the design of the wheel.

Due to the nature of the forged aluminium, they are extremely strong and lightweight, and allow for various wheel designs that would not be possible with cast wheels.

Vorsteiner’s forged wheels are all made from California sourced T6-6061 aerospace & medical grade aluminium which is used for its strength and malleable properties, allowing them to make strong and lightweight wheels.

Vorsteiner have their own CNC machines which allows them to do all the work in-house to produce your forged wheels to the highest standard and faster than most other companies.

Carbon Fiber

Vorsteiner also offer an exclusive range of carbon fiber wheels. Not many companies offer carbon-fiber wheels because they are complicated to produce and extremely expensive. However, they are also the rarest and highest performance wheels you can get.

Vorsteiner’s carbon fiber wheel series feature carbon-fiber barrels and forged centers which results in a super lightweight wheel with a very unique look. These are all custom made to order to your specifications.


In order to make your perfect set of wheels, Vorsteiner offer a wide selection of finishes which include standard solid finish, brushed or polished textures and various sheens and finishes to suit your tastes.

Safety Certifications & Tests

Vorsteiner put their wheels through many levels of quality control and testing to ensure that they made to the highest standard. Every wheel must go through a very vigorous quality control assessment to ensure it is free from any imperfections before being packaged and sent out to the customer.

Their wheels are JWL and VIA certified, and the latest information I found stated that they are getting some of their wheels TUV approved as well.


To back up their high quality, Vorsteiner offer a lifetime structural warranty on all of their wheels and a 2 year finish warranty.

Vorsteiner Wheel Lines

Vorsteiner offers a wide range of wheels in numerous wheel lines that include forged, carbon fiber, centerlock and flow formed wheels. Here are their current wheel lines:

Forged Wheel Series

FR – 3-Piece Forged Floating Register

Vorsteiner Floating Register Wheels

GTE – 3-Piece Forged Motorsport Inspired

Vorsteiner GTE Wheels

VC – 3-Piece Forged Contemporary

Vorsteiner VC Wheels

VE – 3-Piece Forged Estate

Vorsteiner VE Wheels

Collab – 3-Piece Forged Collaboration

Vorsteiner Collab Wheels

VMP – 3-Piece Custom Forged

Vorsteiner VMP Wheels

VMP-C – 3-Piece Center Lock Forged

Vorsteiner VMPC Wheels

VFA – Custom Forged Monoblock

Vorsteiner VFA Wheels

VPX – Forged Monoblock

Vorsteiner VPX Wheels

Carbon Wheel Series

VMP – 2-Piece Custom Carbon

Vorsteiner VMP Carbon Wheels

VMP-C – 2-Piece Custom Center Lock Carbon

Vorsteiner VMPC Carbon Wheels

V-FF – Flow Forged Series (Flow Formed)

Vorsteiner VFF Wheels

Offroad Series

Vorsteiner Offroad Wheels

How Much Do Vorsteiner Wheels Cost?

The cost of a set of Vorsteiner wheels will greatly vary depending on which wheels you get.

Wheels in their V-FF flow formed line cost as little as $2000 for a set of four, whereas a set of four Carbon Fiber Forged wheels will cost you close to $20,000.

Conclusion – Are Vorsteiner Wheels Good?

Yes, Vorsteiner wheels are very high quality wheels made for some of the best cars on the planet. Vorsteiner offer a range of wheel options which very few other companies have, such as carbon fiber.

They have rigorous testing and quality control standards to ensure that their wheels are made to the highest standard possible, and they are JWL and VIA certified.

What’s good about Vorsteiner is they offer high quality wheels in a very wide range of price brackets, so even if you can’t quite afford a $20,000 set of wheels, they still have options for you.

I also like the fact that they make wheels specific to each vehicle application so that the wheels fit perfect and that they are able to make wheels that can offer maximum performance and weight reduction for that application. Very few other companies to go this level of detail.

Overall, I am very impressed with what I’ve seen from Vorsteiner and don’t see any reason not to get them if you can afford them.


FAQ About Vorsteiner Wheels

Where Are Vorsteiner Wheels Made?

All forged Vorsteiner wheels are made in their facility in California, USA.

Where Is Vorsteiner From?

Vorsteiner were founded and are based in California, USA.

How Much Do Vorsteiner Wheels Weigh?

The weight of Vorsteiner wheels will greatly depend on the size and wheel model. However, Vorsteiner specifically design their wheels to be as light as possible for each specific application, meaning they are often lighter than OEM wheels.

What Makes Vorsteiner Wheels So Great?

Vorsteiner offer a few things many other wheel companies don’t. For starters, they offer unique custom wheel designs which include carbon fiber options. They also design all of their wheels for specific car applications, which allows them to make wheels that fit perfectly and are designed to be as light as possible while having the appropriate load rating for that car. They are also made to an extremely high standard making them some of the best wheels you can buy.


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