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JNC Wheels Review: Are They Any Good Or Just Reps?

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There seems to be no shortage of brands making cheap wheels that look amazing similar to more expensive, popular wheels these days.

Among that list is a brand called JNC, who sell of a wide range of very low cost wheels that look eerily similar to other wheels you will be more aware of.

In this post, I’m going to go over JNC wheels and whether or not they are actually any good.

The History of JNC Wheels

Like many wheel brands that sell extremely cheap wheels and nothing else, there isn’t a whole lot of history on JNC.

They were founded in 1998 in California in order to capitalize on the boom of online retail and try to sell wheels over the internet, a relatively new thing at the time.

They got relatively popular and have been growing steadily ever since. They now have a couple of warehouses in the US and sell their wheels to a number of countries including America, Canada, Mexico and others.

Since then, their only focus has been to sell wheels, and they have no involvement in motorsport or any other automotive related activities. So don’t expect to find their wheels on any racecars.

How JNC Wheels Are Made

JNC don’t offer much information about how or where their wheels are actually made.

The only information I was able to find is that their wheels are either gravity cast or low pressure cast and that they are made overseas.

Casting is the quickest and cheapest method of manufacturing wheels, which is why many cheap wheel companies and OEMs use it.

Cast wheels can be decent, depending on the methods used, but they are also the weakest and heaviest wheels of all wheel types. When done incorrectly they have a tendency to crack or break easily.

Cast wheels are also heavy, due to the extra material needed to make them strong enough, and JNC wheels are definitely on the heavier size, with some of their 15×8 wheels weighing 25lb (11.3 kg)! If performance is a priority, these aren’t the wheels for you.

JNC wheels don’t reveal where their wheels are made, but judging by the low price, I would wager that they are made in China. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as many decent wheels are made in China, it just depends to what standard they are made.

Safety Certifications

What is an issue however is the lack of information regarding any safety certifications such as JWL, VIA or TUV.

While I have seen pictures that show JNC wheels with JWL and VIA markings, it’s not exactly uncommon for cheap wheel manufacturers to just put these markings on, particularly those that make replica wheels.

There is no information about whether or not JNC wheels are actually tested or certified to any of these standards, or any standard for that matter, on their website or elsewhere online, so I would take that into consideration if you are thinking about buying their wheels.


JNC claims to offer a 1 year basic warranty which covers materials and workmanship.

Issues With JNC Wheels

Unfortunately, I have come across a number of reports of problems when it comes to JNC and their wheels.

The most common problems I’ve seen are reports of poor customer service, especially when it comes to responding customer emails and dealing with problems with their wheels (which seem to be relatively common).

A quick search online will reveal a number of people claiming that JNC have sent out the wrong wheels, sometimes multiple times, and that the return or replacement of the wheels has dragged on for a long time because JNC are slow to respond.

There is even one Youtuber who claims to have paid extra when buying his JNC wheels for JNC to mill out the center bore to fit his car, only to receive the wheels without the center bore being done as paid for, and they didn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry to try and solve the issue.

I’ve also seem claims from people who say they worked at JNC, and they have rooms full of broken wheels that got sent back, meaning that they break easily. Whether this is true or not, who knows, but I haven’t seen similar comments for more reputable brands like BBS, Volk or even Enkei.

Popular JNC Wheels

JNC do make a pretty wide range of wheels in a variety of sizes, offsets and finishes. However, the vast majority of their wheels are replica or knock off designs of more popular wheels such as BBS, Volk, Work, Advan Racing and others.

Their wheels are available from 15-20” diameters, 6.5-10.5” widths and PCDs including 4×100, 4×114.3, 5×100, 5×112, 5×114.3 and 5×120.

Here are some of their most popular wheels:

001 (CCW Classics Replica)

JNC 001 Wheel

002 (Work Equip Replica)

JNC 002 Wheel

004 (BBS RS Replica)

JNC 004 Wheel

005 (BBS LM Replica)

JNC 005 Wheel

006 (Volk CE28 Replica)

JNC 006 Wheel

014 (Volk TE37 Replica)

JNC 014 Wheel

017 (Work Meister Replica)

JNC 017 Wheel

021 (Enkei RPF1 Replica)

JNC 021 Wheel

033 (Enkei NT03 Replica)

JNC 033 Wheel

Conclusion – Should You Buy JNC Wheels?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Everything I can find about JNC and their wheels points to a company who doesn’t really care about making quality wheels and serving their customers well, and just wants to take their money.

While I’m not a big fan of replica wheels, if they are good quality then I can understand why people would buy them.

However, when you combine replica with questionable quality, heavy weight, no evidence of any safety testing whatsoever and poor customer service, it really doesn’t point to a product that I would want to spend my money on.

Overall, if you are just after cheap wheels for street use that might be on your car for a year, they may or may not be fine (if they send you the right ones).

However, if you are actually after decent wheels which are lightweight, durable and offer good performance, even if you want reps, there are many other options for not much more money that are a far better choice in my opinion.

What Wheels to Get Instead

Here are a couple of quality alternatives I would much sooner spend my money on.


Enkei RPF1 Wheel

Enkei are an extremely popular choice when it comes to affordable wheels because they make very high quality, lightweight wheels which are durable and are sold at a very good price.

Their wheels are proven on both the street and track and are used by many enthusiasts worldwide. They really are one of the best value for money wheels you can get.



Kansei Corsa Wheel

Kansei is a relatively new wheel company that is doing some cool things with their wheels. They offer a number of unique designs and their wheels are lightweight, excellent quality and affordable.

Despite only being around for a few years, their wheels have proven to be able to take abuse on the street and track, and are a great, low cost wheel option that is actually quite good.



Konig Hypergram Wheel

Konig wheels have been around forever and offer a huge range of designs.

In the last few years they started making flow formed wheels which are actually a really good option for low cost performance wheels.

On par with Enkeis, Konig’s flow formed wheels are durable, lightweight and good for the street and track, which is what helped them make a comeback to popularity in recent years.


FAQ About JNC Wheels

Are JNC Wheels Good?

JNC make cheap rep wheels that are of questionable quality that don’t have any information about any safety testing or certifications. Therefore, I don’t think JNC wheels are very good.

Are JNC Wheels Reps

Yes, JNC wheels are reps. The majority of their wheel designs are replicas or knock offs of other, more popular and expensive wheels such as BBS, Volk, Work and Enkei.

Are JNC Wheels Fake?

Yes, JNC wheels are fake. Most of their designs are direct or very close copies of other, more expensive wheels such as Volk, BBS, Work, CCW and Enkei.

Are JNC Wheels Real?

No, most JNC wheels are not real. JNC are a rep wheel brand that make knock offs of other more popular and expensive wheels.

Where Are JNC Wheels Made?

JNC does not reveal where their wheels are made, which makes it likely that their wheels are made in China.

How Much Do JNC Wheels Weigh?

How much a JNC wheel weighs will depend on the size, however JNC wheels are heavy. Some of their 15×8 wheels weigh as much as 25lb (11.3 kg)!

Do JNC Wheels Come Clear Coated?

Yes, JNC wheels come clear coated.

What Size Are the Center Caps For JNC Wheels?

The size of the center cap for JNC wheels will depend on the wheel model as many of their wheels use different center cap sizes.

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